About Me


I'm an ambitious, passionate game developer who is incredibly versatile in my approach to different genres and platforms. My designs reflect a knowledge of player psychology, while always maintaining the core element of fun. I can work to any given brief, with my skills ranging from mechanic design to writing, as well as a basic knowledge of a number of programming languages. 



Arque Skies, a game I am the lead designer on, was selected for the Student Showcase at GCAP 2018.


Arque Skies was also nominated for the best PC Game of the Year and the Best Game of the Year in the 2018 Brisbane Game Awards. 

Barry: The Amateur Space Detective is a custom Starcraft II level that I designed as part of a team, winning an award for unique design with Blizzard and QUT. 

I participated in the Brisbane Global Game Jam 2019 and my game, Crazy Cat Lady Simulator 2019, won the "Most Polished Game" award.

Project Experience


Arque Skies - Lead Designer

February 2018 - present

Computer Game


  • Mechanic and system designs

  • Character, weapon, ship and economy designs

  • AI designs

  • Narrative

  • User playtesting

  • Quality assurance planning and testing

  • Sound designs

  • Marketing and website development

  • Management of the design documentation

  • Led the design department

Toaster Toss - Lead Designer

October 2017 - January 2019

Mobile Game

  • Mechanic and system designs

  • Free to play economy and monetization designs

  • Character and level designs

  • Narrative

  • User playtesting

  • Quality assurance planning and testing

  • Assisted with UX designs

  • Marketing and website development

  • Management of the design documentation

  • Project management

  • Management of freelancer contracts and tasks

The Lines of History - Solo Developer

August 2018 - November 2018

Card Game

  • Mechanic and system designs

  • Card descriptions

  • User playtesting

  • Quality assurance planning and testing

  • Management of the design documentation

  • Researching

  • Prototype development

Technical Skills


Mechanics and System Design

Economy and Free to Play Design

Quality Assurance

Playtesting Manager

Level Design

User Experience Design



Scrum Agile Project Management 

Web Design

Basic HTML

Basic CSS

Exposure to Git

Exposure to C#

Exposure to CG

Exposure to Python

Exposure to SQL

Exposure to Java


Unity Game Engine

Google Suite

Microsoft Office Suite





Other Skills


Excellent Time Management

Quick Learner

Highly Organised

Clear Communication

Team Player

Strong Attention to Detail

Work Experience


Starburnt Studios - Lead Designer

February 2018 - November 2018

I worked as the lead designer in a seven person studio over the course of a year. Arque Skies was developed by this team as part of a university project and went on to win a showcase slot at GCAP 2018. Being a small studio, I also led the areas of QA, playtesting, narrative design and sound development. 

Cedar Beast - Director and Lead Designer

October 2017 - present


I co-founded Cedar Beast in early 2018 and have since worked with a small team on creating a range of projects, including mobile and card games. My work also involves areas such as QA, producing, playtesting, narrative, marketing and administration. 

Koorong Books - Shift Supervisor

September 2012 - January 2019

I have gained a number of years of leadership and communication experience working in a customer service environment. 



QUT - Bachelor of Games and Interactive Environments

Game Design Major


I graduated with distinction from my Bachelor's degree at the end of 2018, where I have studied advanced game design techniques, as well as the fundamentals of coding. 

Please contact me for my personal details and referees. 

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